Sal Piacente – International Card and Casino Game Expert

Magicians Mick Peck and Sal Piacente, Auckland Magic Lecture
Pictured above with Sal Piacente from Brooklyn, New York.  Take a look at the best parts of each of the four photos above and I’m sure everything will be in focus eventually.

Sal has been a world authority on Casino Game Protection since the late 1980s.  Known in the industry as “The Hit Man”, he began his career as a blackjack dealer in Atlantic City.  Two years later at a local dealing school he displayed his tremendous talent and knowledge of Game Protection to the owners of International Gaming Consultants in Cherry Hill, NJ.  He was immediately brought on as a lead consultant, and thus began his journey of unwaivering determination and unsurpassed skills in the field.

Sal travels the world advising casinos on how to best protect themselves from cheaters.  He’s been a consultant to the FBI, and can memorise the order of a completely shuffled deck of cards in approximately ten seconds.