Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One …

Everyone loves a good old joke.  And to prove it, here are without a doubt the oldest jokes you’ll ever hear in your life.  They come from an ancient Greek jokebook called Philogelos, The Laughter Lover, thought to… Read More

How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

Around a hundred and twenty years ago, a man picked up his morning newspaper and, to his surprise and horror, saw his own name listed in the obituary column.  The newspaper had reported his death in error, instead… Read More

The Four Stages of Learning

The Four Stages of Learning, or the Conscious Competence Model, is a psychological theory developed in the 1970s.   The concept is that we each go through a series of four stages when learning a new skill. The good… Read More

The Wilhelm Scream

Chances are that you’ve heard the Wilhelm Scream dozens of times without even realising it. The Wilhelm Scream is a sound effect of a male screaming in pain.  It was first used in the relatively obscure 1951 western… Read More

Kentucky Colonel

Chances are that you hate rejection. It’s our nature – we want everyone to like us, accept us and say “YES!” – especially when we make an offer that’s clearly in their best interest.  Unfortunately things don’t always… Read More

Why So Serious? Court Jesters and April Fools’ Day

The custom of playing pranks on the first of April is observed in not only in British colonies but also in Northern America, France, Germany (where it’s called Narrentag), Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Russia (where it’s called Dyen… Read More