Magic New Zealand Award October 2014

Auckland magician Mick Peck presented with special Magic New Zealand award from Alan and Michele Watson

The magicians of New Zealand gathered over Labour Weekend at the Playhouse Theatre in Auckland for a special day of magic where we had an opportunity to perform, catch up with old friends, learn new magic and do whatever else magicians do when you jam a bunch of them together in a confined space.

I was blown away to be presented with a special award from Magic New Zealand Directors Alan and Michele Watson.  It reads :

Special Award For Outstanding Contribution to New Zealand Magic
Presented to Mick Peck
In recognition of his long term service and exceptional
contribution to the magic fraternity of this country
October 2014

It’s a real honour to be recognised by the Magic New Zealand organisation and particularly Alan and Michele.  I first met Alan in the early 90s when he was the resident magician at Rainbow’s End.  He was and remains a tremendous influence and source of knowledge to both upcoming and experienced magicians in this country.  Thank you again for this fantastic award.