In the Press … Paul Daniels Leaves Lasting Impression on Kiwi Magician Mick Peck

2010 photograph of magician Mick Peck with Paul Daniels at the 2010 New Zealand International Magicians Convention

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Mick Peck is a professional magician based in Auckland and a member of London’s Magic Circle, the world’s premier magic club.  He was inspired by Paul Daniels to become a magician, and he contracted Daniels to attend the New Zealand International Magicians Convention in 2010.  Peck shares his memory of the beloved magician who passed this week after suffering from an inoperable brain tumour. He was 77.

I’ll admit, I was totally star struck when I met Paul Daniels.

He was an inspiration not only to magicians in the UK but right around the world. And here he was standing in front of me.  And he’d even brought along the lovely Debbie McGee.

One of my earliest memories of magic was seeing Paul perform the Magic Kettle on television.

A perfectly ordinary looking tea kettle could pour out any drink requested by the audience.  Beer, sherry, whiskey, wine; whatever the audience called out Paul poured from the kettle and gave to the audience.

A smart alec called out “milk”, and in his inimitable style Paul tilted the kettle, milk flowed from the spout and was given away.

Hmm, I thought, maybe this magic schtick was worth looking into.

My first magic set was a Paul Daniels magic set. It caught my eye in a toy store, proclaiming “one hundred professional magic tricks”.

This was my ticket to ride, I thought, and wouldn’t leave the store until my parents had bought it. Read More

In the Press … Mick Peck Granted Access to Magic Circle

Auckland magician Mick Peck has been granted access to the Magic Circle of London

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Pukekohe magician Mick Peck has been accepted into the world’s most prestigious magic club.

The Magic Circle of London was formed in 1905 and members include Dynamo, Paul Daniels and David Copperfield.  Membership is restricted to top professional magicians.

Prospective members must undertake an interview process where knowledge and skill are accessed before the decision goes to a final vote by the society council.

Peck, 34, said that being accepted into the organisation brought a tremendous source of pride.

“I grew up watching many of these magic stars on television, so to be a part of their society is a real honour,” he said.

Members are granted access to the headquarters in London for regular meetings and lectures from top international magicians.  They also have access to a library of 6000 magic books and an on-site museum which houses rare magic posters and memorabilia.

“Being a member of the Magic Circle is also seen as a stamp of approval within the international magic fraternity so will be very useful for opening doors when travelling outside of New Zealand,” Peck said.

Peck got his start as a magician in the 90s, performing at school and local birthday parties.  He now makes his living as a full-time magician and performs throughout the country.

He is planning a visit to the club’s London headquarters.

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In the Press … Franklin Service Hero March 2016

Auckland Magician Mick Peck Franklin Service Hero Mick Peck Magic

A wonderful start to the year being named a Franklin Service Hero in The Post newspaper which is distributed throughout Franklin and the North Waikato.

My thanks to everyone at The Post and Paige McElhinney from Pukekohe who nominated me after I performed a show at her party last month.

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Spot the Difference …

Mick Peck New Zealand Magician Phantom of the Opera magic show picture

In the Press … iTicket Showdown Awards 2015

Mick Peck Manukau Courier Showdown Awards 2015 with Chris Lam Sam at SkyCity Theatre

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Pictured at SkyCity Theatre with Grevel Lam Sam, named Best Male in a Leading Role at the iTicket Showdown Awards last week.  I was along on the night as guest presenter.

The annual Showdown Awards evening is to recognise the achievements of Auckland’s secondary school’s top theatrical productions.  The awards are run annually by the Auckland Community Theatre Trust.  Its aims include encouraging young performers in the performing arts, promoting the performing arts as an option for tertiary study and as a career path, raising the profile of the performing arts in schools and building links between school performing arts programs and Auckland community theatres.  Twenty-four schools were entered into this year’s competition.

PS : Don’t be a sausage this summer.

Wayne Anderson – Singer of Songs

Wayne Anderson Singer of Songs with Mick Peck magician

Bumped into New Zealand’s Third Best Singer Wayne Anderson last night at an event in the city.  I was performing my strolling closeup magic when “Delilah” started blasting through the PA.

Wayne’s cult television series Singer of Songs is one of my favourite NZ shows.

In the Press … Look Who’s Talking

Mick Peck Q+A in Franklin County News Oct 2015

Paul Romhany Grand Master of Magic

Magicians Mick Peck, Paul Romhany and Alan Watson, Wellington Magicians Convention 2015

Pictured here with Paul Romhany and Alan Watson QSM at the 32nd International New Zealand Magicians’ Convention held in Wellington over Labour Weekend 2015.

It was an absolute honour in my role as Secretary/Treasurer of the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians to present the citation for the eighteenth Grand Master of Magic induction

Grand Master of Magic Paul Romhany is known around the world for his Charlie Chaplin magic act.  Originally from Auckland, Paul now makes his home in Canada.

More information about the Grand Master of Magic award here.

Strolling Magic For Blue September 2015

Auckland Magician Mick Peck - Strolling Magic for Blue September

Courtesy Ponsonby News.

On Friday the 18th of September 2015 I’ll be performing my strolling closeup magic at David Hartnell’s annual Blue September Celebrity Quiz Night.

Blue September is the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s national awareness campaign.  Every year around New Zealand 600 men die of prostate cancer, many deaths that could have been prevented by early detection.

See for more details.

In the Press … Tricky Business : Sunday Star Times Feature Story

Mick Peck Magician Sunday Magazine Photograph 2015

Courtesy Sunday Star Times :

In a world laden with entertainment options, magic still casts a spell. Jeremy Olds meets some Kiwi practitioners.

Late on a Tuesday evening, a mysterious crowd convenes for a top-secret meeting at the Surrey Hotel in Grey Lynn, Auckland. The 15 are part of an exclusive, members-only society, and there’s an air of confidentiality as they gather in a room away from prying ears. Yet, anyone standing in the hotel carpark could surmise what was taking place, based on the vehicle number plates.


The 14 men and sole woman inside the hotel belong to the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians, an elite club for those serious about the practice of magic. Each member has been selected to join by the club’s ‘inner circle’ and, on joining, has placed their hand on a wand and sworn the Magician’s Oath:

I, [insert name here], do solemnly swear, at all times, to uphold the traditions of the arts and crafts of Magic, its secrets and its codes of ethics…

In a rare departure from protocol on this Tuesday night, the Brotherhood has permitted an outsider to observe the first half of their monthly meeting. Read More

The Amazing VAC Show Strikes Back!

Amazing VAC Variety Show 2016 Mick Peck's Blog of an Auckland Magician

My thanks to everyone involved in the 2015 performance of The Amazing VAC Variety Show.  This year’s lineup included The Claxtons, John McGough, the Elektra Dancers and four Benny Award recipients—Jon Zealando, Tom Sharplin, Jim Joll and Debbie Dorday.  Holding the show together was compere John Sumner, who performed a lovely rendition of “Sunrise Sunset” to close the night.

Tech crew was Mike Richards on sound and lighting, stage manager Brent McLeod and myself as chief curtain logistics operation (opening and closing).  Front-of-house were Robyn Alexander, Garry and Laurelle Betti and Ekk Khansuk.  Our ace all-magician photography and video crew—Jason Fell, Rob Clark, Bernard Reid and Andy Wonder, thanks everyone.

This Magic Moment …

Come backstage at the sold-out 2015 Magic Moments Family Comedy Magic Show.

My thanks to everyone involved with the show.  All of the performers – Andy Wonder, Paula Wray, Ken Ring, Sean O’Shea, Wayne Rogers and Alan Watson, assisted by Mel Watson.  Guy Cater who did a superb job as our magical master of ceremonies.

Our tech crew – Mike Richards, Tony Wilson, Michele and Melanie Watson, Bernard Reid, Brendon Fraser, Stefan Sageman and Jason Fell for the photography.  Brian Oakes, Alan Worman and Ken Ring who entertained the masses during the intermission.  Special thanks to Alan and Emily Worman for doing a fantastic job with front of house and running our concession stand.

You can’t have a show without an audience so my thanks to everyone who came along to support us.

The Magic Moments Family Comedy Magic Show will return …

In the Press … Double The Magic : 2014 Variety Artists Club Award

Auckland magician Mick Peck wins the 2014 Variety Artists Club Top Children's Entertainer Award. Pictured with VAC Patrons David Hartnell and Gray Bartlett.

The Obstacle In Our Path

The Obstacle in Our Path, King picture

In ancient times, a king had a heavy boulder placed in the middle of a busy roadway.  Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone would remove the huge rock.

Some of the king’s wealthiest courtiers and merchants came along the road and each of them walked around the boulder.  A number of them loudly blamed the king for not keeping the roadways clear, but not one did anything to improve the situation.

Then a peasant came along the road carrying a heavy load of vegetables.  Upon approaching the boulder he laid down his burden and tried to move the stone to the side of the road.  After much pushing and straining, he finally succeeded.

The king emerged from his hiding spot and thanked the peasant for being a good citizen of the kingdom.  He presented him with a sizeable bag of gold coins as a reward.

The peasant learned what many of us never realise — that every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition.

Magic New Zealand Award October 2014

Auckland magician Mick Peck presented with special Magic New Zealand award from Alan and Michele Watson

The magicians of New Zealand gathered over Labour Weekend at the Playhouse Theatre in Auckland for a special day of magic where we had an opportunity to perform, catch up with old friends, learn new magic and do whatever else magicians do when you jam a bunch of them together in a confined space.

I was blown away to be presented with a special award from Magic New Zealand Directors Alan and Michele Watson.  It reads :

Special Award For Outstanding Contribution to New Zealand Magic
Presented to Mick Peck
In recognition of his long term service and exceptional
contribution to the magic fraternity of this country
October 2014

It’s a real honour to be recognised by the Magic New Zealand organisation and particularly Alan and Michele.  I first met Alan in the early 90s when he was the resident magician at Rainbow’s End.  He was and remains a tremendous influence and source of knowledge to both upcoming and experienced magicians in this country.  Thank you again for this fantastic award.