The Amazing VAC Show Strikes Back!

Amazing VAC Variety Show 2016 Mick Peck's Blog of an Auckland Magician

My thanks to everyone involved in the 2015 performance of The Amazing VAC Variety Show.  This year’s lineup included The Claxtons, John McGough, the Elektra Dancers and four Benny Award recipients—Jon Zealando, Tom Sharplin, Jim Joll and Debbie Dorday.  Holding the show together was compere John Sumner, who performed a lovely rendition of “Sunrise Sunset” to close the night.

Tech crew was Mike Richards on sound and lighting, stage manager Brent McLeod and myself as chief curtain logistics operation (opening and closing).  Front-of-house were Robyn Alexander, Garry and Laurelle Betti and Ekk Khansuk.  Our ace all-magician photography and video crew—Jason Fell, Rob Clark, Bernard Reid and Andy Wonder, thanks everyone.