TV3 Interview on Magic and Magicians

Auckland magicians Alan Watson, Mick Peck and Chicane, TV3 filming for story on magic

Pictured here with my good friends Alan Watson and Wayne Rogers, Chicane the Magician.  I was contacted by TV3 to do an interview about the recent surge in popularity of magic and magicians – movies like Burt Wonderstone and Now You See Me, Dynamo the magician having a top-rating show on television, the success of the recent The Illusionists show etc.

I first met Jennifer the TV3 journalist last year when I performed my strolling closeup magic for her wedding.  She’s from Manchester so she has a wonderful BBC voice for television … there was a study a few years ago that revealed that New Zealand people automatically trust people who speak with an English accent.  Alan put her in the guillotine and chopped her head off, not sure how that will impact her career.

Apologies for the tablecloth, the Von Trapp children had some spare fabric left over.